A Clandestine Peep into African Tribes and Culture

There are number of tribes in this world. The richest and the most unique tribe is the African tribe. For centuries, the African tribes have maintained their rich culture and dignity on the planet. These tribes include Hausa in Nigeria, Zulu in South Africa, Somali in Somalia, Oromo in Ethiopia and Kenya, Hutu in Rwanda, Akan in Akanland and many more tribes. The cultures and traditions of these tribes are different.

Some of these African tribes have a culture of wearing African masks in their festivals, occasions, events and many other celebrations. African masks are famous for their uniqueness throughout the world. They are basically carved out of wood and some of the masks are even made up of fabric and different other materials. These masks are beautified with paints and beads. Also, the skilled artisans of Africa who make these masks use fur and skin of animals in order to give a real effect to the mask. They are designed to convey different kinds of emotions such as anger, sorrow, mistrust and others. It is believed that the person who wears the mask possesses the powers of the character represented by the mask. Today, number of online stores is offering different designs and patterns of these African masks that too at a very realistic price. You can go on searching and exploring the different web stores which proffer the products related to African tribes.

The African masks play different roles to all the tribes across the whole continent. It can and it does take a long time to process and complete a single mask because the painting, fabricating and detailed finishing needs attention and absolute perfection. Once the mask is completed, it is preserved at a sacred place and is taken out only for important and special social occasions like marriages, initiation, funerals and when entertaining the visitors are required. African masks are worn usually by men but in some of the cultures, women also possess and perform in masks. These masks can also be worn on the head as helmet which covers the whole head or as a crest which rests on the top of the head. The use of African masks also includes ritual dancing in which a dancer wears a mask and the full costume. There is music and singing in the rites and mask actually becomes a very powerful spiritual force.

So, choose the best mask out of the wide range of African masks of these African tribes.

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