Djembe Drums will help you express your style!

Relax Your Mind and Soul with the Soothing Tune of Djembe Drums

There are different types of music and musical instruments in the world. Every country and every region has its own kind of music which makes that particular region or country different and special. When it comes to the African instruments then Djembe drums are the ones which are very famous.

Djembe drums are actually goblet shaped drums which are played with the hands in place of set of sticks or a mallet. These drums are generally made out of wood and have a skin which is stretched over the top. If we see the size of this drum then the average size of this drum is around 2 feet tall and is 1 foot wide. Even the smaller size of this drum can also be made. In Africa, Djembe drums are used in various occasions and ceremonies such as weddings, festivals and other celebrations. It was actually believed that the drummers basically used Djembes to convey coded messages across the long distances. Also, this drum has been believed to have healing and magic transcendental powers.

When you are buying a Djembe drum, keep some important points in your mind. Make sure that the shape of the drum is even and clean without the parts which are crooked or off centered. Also, the fastenings of the drum should be secure without having any major marks of rust in its metal parts, holes in the skin, fraying in those cloth parts or any other signs of weak parts. Djembe drums should be kept with utmost care. You should store the drum in a dry and cool place. Excessive sunlight will fade away the colors and will make the ropes brittle. Even moisture is not good for these drums as it can result in rot or mould.

African games

Not just the African instruments but the African games are also very famous around the globe. If you are looking for some traditional African games then you can opt for Awale game which is the most suitable game to enjoy with your whole family. Usually, Africans consider this game as a game of chess. The special feature of these African games is that they are comprised of two rows of pits which are actually carved into wood. These games also carry the instructions of playing it. So, grab your favorite game and enjoy!!

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